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once you stop automatically gendering voices, you enter a wonderful world where every song is gay

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Thursdays always brought a lot of activity and audiences for FreddyFazbear’s Pizzeria. It’s not that all the other days meant the place was quiet, because it always had multiple parties taking place day-to-day, but Thursdays were the days that focused on the animatronic band that starred at the place. The animatronic band consisted of a bunny, a bear, and a duck. The bunny was named Bonnie, the duck was named Chica, and the bear was named Freddy.

The animatronic band always made clicking sounds with each and every move they took, and how they moved their mouths weren’t very convincing that they matched up with the songs very well at all. But the reason they got the spotlight was because Freddy took the part as the lead singer, and was the mascot of the whole pizzeria in the first place. The kids enjoyed the shows and most of them would stop and watch. Others would be too busy in Pirate’s cove or chowing down on the pizza to take notice.

The year was 1985. At least 2 years before the ‘Bite of ‘87’ took place. Since it was a couple years before the incident, the animatronics were free to roam around the pizzeria and sing to any kid they came across or to have pictures taken with them. They seemed friendly enough to the children, but many adults were very hesitant with the robots and some forbid their children to approach them, due to how freely available they were to access all areas and individuals inside the pizza restaurant.

None of the employees seemed to monitor the animatronics at all, either, which was another reason the adults remained cautious around them. The only time an employee would be by their side is if one of the animatronics had a break down and they released them after repairs, and would walk around, monitoring their state for a few minutes before going back and doing whatever the heck they had been doing before.

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Should I keep my mouth shut?
No I'll tell them everything I'm thinking!

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I fucking hate it when I’m scrolling through Tumblr and it auto refreshes my feed when I’m LOOKING AT SOMETHING

Ayato Kirishima || Episode 10

"I’m different. I’m going to show that trash that ghouls are above humans!"

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Why would you say “my penis in your butt” when you can say


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